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Interior Services


Interior walls should usually be coated with a washable product. The higher the sheen of product, the more washable and scrub-able it is. The downside to a high sheen paint is that it highlights all small plaster imperfections, which isnt always pleasant to the eye.


Ceilings should be painted with a matt product as any sheen product will highlight mistakes. Ceilings has no need for high quality paint, however it should be of a decent quality.

Doors & Baseboards

Maybe you should consider painting your doors a color other than the boring white – interior doors in dark black or gray are a beautiful choice too!

Cornice Painting

Cornice, wall and ceiling gaps between should be cleaned out properly and then filled with an acrylic sealer before doing any paint work.

Floor coatings

We do epoxy or polyurethane paint for floors,hygiene epoxy floor paints, acrylics and adhesives. Contact us for a wider range of floor products.

Outdoor Services


It is important to make use of a quality texture coat that allows for a bit of flexibility, as some econo-texture coats dry out to become a hard coating and many of the hairline cracks reappear within six months.


You can paint over a previously painted wooden deck, but be sure to use a paint that specifically says ”Deck”, as it’s designed for horizontal surfaces.


Professional fence painting services that improve your neighbourhood appeal. Refinishing staining and painting, we do it all.


We have a product that we spray on the roof that stops all water leaks on the roof. In essence, the product that we spray on the entire roof will outlast most roofs and will protect the roof from fading in colour or leaking.

pressure Washing

When it comes to High Pressure Cleaning, Soft Washing or Regular Pressure Washing, it is best to leave it to the professionals. They require a lot of experience with different jobs. Contact us for more details.

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200+ Color & Material Samples

Check out some Fired Earth Paints to get your creative juice flowing!

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